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    Stories of Success

    We all need inspiration. Hearing about the success of others has a way of motivating us and giving us hope. You think you are alone? Well, we've got good news for you. You're not. So be encouraged, you CAN achieve success and leave behind a legacy for generations to come...

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    Learn & Grow

    We must never stop learning. By constantly challenging assumptions and traditions we put ourselves in a position for success. Mentors provide an avenue to learn more than we ever could on our own, so open your mind and get ready for better results!

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    Giving Back

    The best litmus test for success is how your story affects the lives of others. Selfless living is the key to success as a father, and this truth extends out to your community. We must demonstrate compassion if we are to raise amazing and contributing people. Learn how you can mentor someone else and watch your own life blossom as you pour into the life of another.

Damaged Dads

One of the most difficult jobs we have as dads, is the duty to protect our children. Some days it’s protection from the school bully. Other days, its protection from adult worries like potential economic tsunami’s. We tell them to wear helmets. We give lectures on safe driving. But what do you do when you have to protect your children from the very people closest to them? When an adult child has a difficult parent, who is now a difficult grandparent, it can really complicate already complex issues. Read more

A Little Confidence Goes a Long Way

Recently, I was reminded how a little confidence boost helps my children grow. My oldest struggles with a number of things. Partly because he is twelve. Partly because he is hard-headed. Well, mostly because he is hard-headed. He already knows everything – sound familiar? Because of this new found attitude, often, my wife and I find ourselves riding him pretty hard. Not out of choice – trust me – I have other things I’d rather be doing. It seems that every move he makes, needs correcting. Whether it’s yelling at his sister, going back for third and fourth platefuls of dinner, making 40’s on relatively easy homework assignments or lying – it feels like we can never let up. It has truly felt like a no-win situation. If we ignore things, it starts thinking he can get away with it. If we stay on his back, eventually he starts to look downtrodden and alone. Read more

What You See is What You Get

Often, there are very complex reasons why as fathers, we make the choices we make.  Men are often unable to process the emotional pain they feel, so they elect to engage in activities that force decisions. Cheating is a perfect example. Men avoid the big issues they don’t know how to deal with such as a spouse that treats them like a child and react by having an affair. A poor decision indeed, yet  I choose not to believe that every man is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing – we can however, thank modern day television for that identity. Read more